Media Tide is a blog written by an old media guy (mostly radio and some TV) who “surfs the wave of Media 2.0.”

It is an analysis of how old media is adapting to the world of new media as well as a look into new media applications.

It will apply some old media tactics, which can work in new media. This is a perspective that is missing in many blogs.

The author cannot afford to buy a radio or TV station, so he is thrilled that he finally has his own “media property”, namely, this blog.

It is written by Andy Curran, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Interactive Multimedia Technology, University of Cincinnati-Clermont College, Batavia, Ohio. He also “pinch hits” as an adjunct for other colleges in the UC family, including Applied Science and College-Conservatory of Music.

Andy has been with the Interactive Multimedia program at UCC since 2001. He worked in the radio biz from 1974-1999, toiling (read “working long hours, including weekends and holidays, for next to nothing”) in markets such as Cincinnati and Athens, Ohio; Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama; Parkersburg and Bluefield, West Virginia. Working mostly as an air talent (read “disc jockey”) and commercial producer, but also as a program director (read “boss”), music director (read “free records, concert tickets, and stuff that is better left unsaid”), and news anchor. From 1980-82, he produced radio and TV spots for the University of Alabama-Birmingham (read “UAB”).

As part of his professional practice, Andy has presented papers and related materials at national and international conferences such as the Broadcast Education Association, League for Innovation in the Community College, Society for Applied Learning Technology, Ed-Media, IABPAD, EISTA, and AURCO (their names are too long to remember or write out). He also makes presentations to professional and community groups, and occasionally produces media projects pro bono for community groups (read “easy mark”).

Degrees held: Master of Education, University of Cincinnati, 1996 (Curriculum & Instruction, Instructional Design and Technology)
Bachelor of Science in Communication, Ohio University, 1977 (Radio-Television Management)

He is also studying for a doctorate in education (EdD) in UC’s Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, concentrating in Instructional Design and Technology. It’s weird being a student and a faculty member at the same university!

What else? Oh yeah…native New Yorker (Brooklyn)…Mets/Giants/Rangers fan, east side Cincinnati resident, wife, three daughters, bird, snake, Mazda 6, no hobbies that would cause anyone to go, “Wow”, unless collecting hockey pucks makes you go, “Wow.”

Compelling reason to admire him: He overcame a very thick Brooklyn accent to become a radio star of some sort. He did specialty music shows that had absolutely killer ratings in Birmingham and Cincinnati. The first was a Sunday morning psychedelic rock show (read “Electric Prunes”) and the other was a Saturday night disco/dance music mix show (read “Thank God that’s over with”).

He appreciates you checking this out, and invites you to visit early and often, and please comment as much as you want so we can “establish a dialogue” because that’s what this is all about.

He also just realized that he wrote this in the third person, but is too tired to go back and change it.


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