Satellite Radio Merger

The FCC has approved the merger of XM and Siius satellite radio.

To all of those who cry, “Monopoly!”, chill out. No one is forced to buy satellite radio, and in fact, many do not.

All the major sports on one service: YESSSS!!!!

No doubt that major budget cuts are on the way. The services mirror each other. There are many channels that play the same music and many jobs that perform the same functions.

I imagine that Howard Stern from Sirius will stay. I also hope that Jonathan Schwartz from XM will.

Until they get new receivers on the market, I hope my Sirius radio will still work.

Oh, about my long absence from posting: Grad school, family, real job, Mets-Mariners, Yankees-Reds, Reds-every other NL team, beer, conferences, music, Burn Notice, Monk, Psyche, walks, Lake Tahoe, Jersey Shore, New York City, Sandy Lake (Ohio), Indians-Rangers, Pirates-Cubs, Van Halen, paid video project, church festivals, LIFE!


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