For It’s 1-2-3 Strikes, Media is Out at the New Ballgame


Here’s a pertinent news item with the advent of the new baseball season.

Major League Baseball is trying to restrict the activities of credentialed media. MLB wants to limit things such as the number of photographs that can be used and how often a blogger can update a game.

Welcome to the new millenium! Now that MLB and its member teams have their own websites, they are competing with the media outlets who cover the games. The more MLB restricts them, the less attractive their coverage will be. Thus, baseball fans might migrate more and more to to get their baseball fix. You know how it is: More hits = more advertising revenue. The teams don’t need to depend as much on media outlets covering the games.

That’s one of the messages of Web/Media 2.0: The company has more control over their message. Look for other sports to follow suit.

It might be easy to catch bloggers who work for mainstream media outlets, but what about the others? MLB’s “bots” will be busy!

Will MLB try to limit my coverage of this story? And when was the last time you saw the word “conundrum“? I mean before today.


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