Dawning of a New Knight at ESPN

I am wicked ticked off at what I saw on ESPN Wednesday night. No, not about my Cincinnati Bearcats loss to the Pittsburgh Panthers. I expected that, and I don’t let stuff like that ruin my day.

Here’s what got my goat. On the studio break at half-time, decked out in his standard red sweater, was one Robert Montgomery “Bobby” Knight. Talk about a mercenary. Here’s a guy who ripped ESPN apart for scheduling late night games because they interfered with academics. He also had a history of being volatile with media reporters who were just trying to get a story.

But now, because he needs a job and craves the attention, he takes a paycheck from the place he used to criticize. I would love to see him get an interview with a coach, just to have the coach tell him to jump in a lake, or something to that effect. That would be poetic justice.


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