Hey Luddites! Renovate Your Office or Move Out!


The purpose of this blog is not to brag about my place of employment. However, UC-Clermont is farther ahead of the curve than many other institutions. We upgrade our computers every three years and our software every summer.

We have been using Microsoft Office 2007 since September. Some people hate it, but I’ve adapted to it. It’s not perfect, and it’s a total learning curve removed from its predecessor. Once you figure out what’s on all the tabs, it’s not that bad. The problem for me is that a lot of places are still using Office 2003. When I send a document to one of these neanderthals, I keep forgetting to save the doc in Office 97-2003 format. So I get the inevitable reply to resend it in the outdated format so they can open it on their computer. That’s OK when my 70-year-old cousin Frank, a retired construction worker, asks me. However, when a colleague at one of the top-rated research universities in the USA asks, then I get a little irritated.

If you want to play the tech game, upgrade regularly or step away from the workstation! And go play with your TRS-80.


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