Hitch Your Blog to a Star


In the past week, my hit count has spiked a bit over the normal volume on this miniscule media property. Based on my blog stats, a lot of the referrals came from The Amish Cook website. I tagged and linked to this site in my previous post because I made an intentionally lame remark about the Amish and websites. There was no disrepect intended, I assure you. I am a regular reader of the column, but I had never visited the associated website until the day of that post.

I went there to make sure the link worked and noticed that the editor, Kevin Williams of Oasis Newsfeatures, linked back to this blog because he referred to a “semi-funny joke” he saw (his words, my joke) while web surfing on a “slow Amish news day” (his words). His post generated a handful of comments on his site about the joke’s lameness. (Editor’s note: Technically, it wasn’t a “joke” because there was no setup such as, “A guy walks into a bar…”, nor was there a punch line, although I’m sure some of his readers thought about punching me for the remark. I’m not going to quibble about semantics, though.)

First, I appreciate Williams linking to MediaTide. Any exposure is good. Part of the reason I’m doing this is because I have no life I am conducting some first-person research that will fit in with my other research activities on social media. It has to do with using other sites to help build traffic. The Amish Cook has an impressive base of readers through its newspaper column, books, and website. This obviously helped my first-time visitor traffic. I will continue to monitor the stats to see if it generates repeat traffic. I suspect it might not due to the disconnect between the themes of our sites.

A few days from now I will use The Amish Cook to make another observation about mainstream media in a 2.0 world. It sounds llike MediaTide is stalking The Amish Cook, but that’s not the case. It will tie in to my thoughts about the demise of The Cincinnati Post, which ran The Amish Cook. By the way (I’m sorry), BTW, Williams also had some thoughts on the Post.


One thought on “Hitch Your Blog to a Star

  1. Hi Andy. I wrote you several months ago thanking you for the post about my dad, Pasquale Scarpino, so I wanted to send you an update. My partner Zac and I are running the LA Marathon on March 2 and raising money for Global Water in my dad’s memory. My Web site is andreascarpino.com. I would love to have as much support as possible, so any attention/donations, etc. that you and your readers could help generate would be much appreciated! Thank you for all that you do.


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