So This Scab Goes into a TV Studio and Says to The Amish Cook, “Dot Dot Dash”


Some of the late night TV talk shows have been back to work for a few days, with more scheduled to start this week. I’m not very wishy-washy on this subject: 1. You don’t cross your own union’s picket lines. 2. You honor other co-workers’ unions’ picket lines. I’ll let do my preaching today. The Giants and Bucs are on right now! I’ve alluded to the fact before that I come from a strong “yoon-yun” family.

After my last entry about the late Cincinnati Post, I found out that The Cincinnati Enquirer picked up the decidedly pre-old media Amish Cook column, which the Post carried.. They didn’t pick up any political columns, though. Funny how the Amish Cook has a website! I know, it’s maintained by her “English” editor/syndicator. It was a joke. My writers are on strike, too, OK?

Today in media history: In 1838, Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail gave the first successful public demonstration of their telegraph in Morristown, NJ. You and I and a gazillion others might not be able to communicate as we do now if it weren’t for them. This was new media back then.


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