Blurbs on the Blog…Blurgs?

Some quick notes….

1. The Supreme Court is reportedly a few days away from announcing the decision on the XMSirius merger. Please say, “Yes.”

2. AOL and Yahoo might stop streaming music because of a hefty royalty fee increase. Please say, “No.”

3. Arbitron is delaying commercialization of its Portable People Meter (PPM) radio listnening measurement device. So what?
Radio station owners don’t care about ratings anymore. They care about the company’s stock price, which might have little
or nothing to do with ratings.

4. Fox Sports TV has to be rooting for Oklahoma and Pitt this weekend. If both those teams lose, the BCS Championship Game will match
Missouri (not exactly a traditional football power) vs. West Virginia (not exactly the nation’s population center). What if
undefeated Hawaii was #1 or #2? Yikes! They would finish behind C-Span! The next two teams in line are Ohio State and
Georgia at #3 and #4, respectively. That matchup would command a much larger audience. I would rather see Mizzou and WVU
because I’m tired of seeing the usual suspects every year. In sports TV, however, the big guns always pull in the numbers.


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