I’m Winging It Today, So I Hope This Post Isn’t a Turkey!

I’ll give you a minute to let the groans settle down.

(Author hums and whistles a tune to pass time)

Sorry about that, but I couldn’t resist, seeing as it is Thanksgiving.

The next two paragraphs follow up on last week’s post on my trip to the CIT in Nashville.

I know a great way to start conversations: Wear a school t-shirt. I am in the minority in this category. Hardly anyone wears their school colors at these conferences; I always do. Everytime I go to a conference, at least a few people will ask me about UC-Clermont or UC. Oftentimes, the conversation will turn to technology and how we are using it. Sometimes it also leads to an invitation to go to dinner or happy hour. Try it next time you go to one.

I hope some of the instructors at the CIT don’t chastise their students for rude classroom behavior. Not after I witnessed them at the conference. In the middle of presentations, some of them let their cell phones ring, answered the phones, talked to the person next to them, and/or typed feverishly on their laptops. They really ought to model proper etiquette.

Local radio icon Joe Nuxhall, who was the color analyst for the Cincinnati Reds Radio Network, passed away a few days ago. He had a folksy delivery and was very opinionated. Being a native son, he was revered in this area. Thousands of people attended his public visitation at Fairfield High School on Wednesday.

Here are a couple of comic strips about the blogosphere.

The first two are from Jeff Stahler’s “Moderately Confused”:

November 21

November 14

Next, from “Doonesbury”: November 18

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be back at it when the weekend is over.


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