A “Winfrey-Winfrey” Situation for Oprah and YouTube


In the normal scheme of things, media stars start out small-time and progress to the “big leagues.” However, Oprah Winfrey has gotten this concept “bass-akwards.” Love her or hate her, there is no argument that Oprah (last name not really necessary) is as “big time” as it gets. So why is the media mogul creating her own channel on YouTube? I understand why two losers from Brooklyn who want to do movie reviews from their living room would put up a YouTube channel: No one would actually pay them! But, Oprah? This makes less sense than the NHL making a deal to put their highlights on YouTube.

Oprah’s fame is matched only by her ego. How else could one explain her deal with YouTube? She certainly doesn’t need the money. Last year she earned $295 million! Nor does she need the exposure. Oprah is omnipresent in the media, much like Dunkin’ Donuts stores are on New England street corners. Wicked all ovah thah place.

Could it be that she sold her Oxygen cable TV channel to NBC and needs a new diversion? Is she trying to reach out to a new audience? Is it because of a desire to churn out compelling programming such as unseen backstage footage and personal videos she shoots from the stage with her camcorder? That is actually what constitutes the majority of programming on this site. Please! Spare me!

What’s next, Oprah? Ooh, you can start your own blog on WordPress! Just like me! Then you’ll really be a bonafide star!


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