P&G Snubs the T&V

Consumer giant Procter & Gamble has long been a heavy radio and TV advertiser. Their sponsorship of radio and TV dramas was the reason these shows were coined “soap operas.” They are behind a new sitcom/soap, “Crescent Heights”, which is targeted toward young adults.

Don’t bother looking for it on broadcast or cable/satellite TV. The show will be distributed on the web and to cellphones. Check out the details.

The “Proctoids” as they are (un)affectionately known here in their hometown, didn’t get to be as successful as they are by doing things the old way. Early on, they realized the entertainment value of radio, then of TV, and now of the Web and mobile devices.

Their big archenemy, Unilever, is also doing a lot of Web content, but it’s more of an advertising slant than program production.

I bet one thing won’t change, though. When a commercial comes on, viewers will probably still ignore them. Only now they’ll call or text their friends during the breaks instead of going to the fridge.


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