Baseball in the World of Media 2.0

The baseball playoffs are starting just as I write this (Colorado at Philadelphia). There are numerous ways to root against the Phillies follow the games these days, thanks to Media and Web 2.0 developments.

There are the traditional ways to follow the action. Watch it on TBS or NBC, or listen to the radio broadcasts. Also, you can now watch on HDTV or on the web on mlb tv, or follow the action on sports-related web sites.,,, and other sports information sites now give you pitch-by-pitch updates. Some of them will send the action directly to cell phones and PDAs.

I prefer to watch on “regular” TV because it captures the essence of the crowd and the unfolding drama. However, it is nice to know that I can get updates when I can’t be near the tube or radio.


6 thoughts on “Baseball in the World of Media 2.0

  1. Root against the Phillies, eh? Do I sense a little bitterness coming from this Mets fan? Wait ’til next year, man.

    I’m with you on the media choice. I’m be watching on regular TV, not to get a sense of the crowd and the drama (both important), but because the beer is cheap and I can see the movement on C.C. Sabathia’s fastball. Go Tribe!

  2. At this moment, I am the world’s biggest Rockies fan! And you know who this METS fan will be rooting for tomorrow!

  3. Instead of putting up a separate post, I’ll just comment on the TBS coverage: pretty dull, except for Craig Sager’s loud jackets. As in real estate, the key to cable channels is location, location, and location. On my cable system, TBS has a linebacker’s number, right next to the Fondue Cooking Channel. The Yanks were already on their fourth pitcher before I even found the game!

    I did enjoy not having to put up with Tim McCarver’s incessant dissection of every single pitch. That will end this week when Fox begins coverage.

    I found it amusing that not only was the New York media acting like the Indians didn’t exist after Game 3 (I caught some of the play-by-play from the drama queens on the Yanks’ flagship WCBS-AM 880), but the TBS guys kept hinting that they expected the Pinstripes to wake up and surge past the Indians.

    Then again, sportcasters aren’t sportcasters because of their brainpower.

  4. No, it was a very loud, “F-U, DEREK JETER!”

    Postscript: Doug Gottlieb of ESPN Radio reported tonight on his show, “The Pulse”, that he heard one of the Yankee radio announcers crying on the air when the announcer (probably Susan Waldman) observed Joe Torre and his players hugging after the game.

    Oh, the humanity! (If you get the reference, that’s an A+)

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