The Great Amazon Textbook Scam

A timely piece as school is back in first gear again. Thanks to price-gouging by many university-affiliated book stores, online book sellers such as do big “bidness” by undercutting the traditional stores. Great! Except for the fact that they use a lot of private sellers who ship the books when they get around to it.

I know plenty of students at UC-Clermont and other places who thought they were in the “safe zone” by ordering their books a few weeks ahead of the start of classes. Alas, many of them walked in the room on that first day only to lament that they hadn’t received the book yet. In a software-oriented course, that causes problems because they need the stinkin’ book to do the lab exercises! And for those of us dinosaurs still on the 10-week quarter system, that really backs us up against the wall. There are certain tasks that need to be done in each course, and the students who get their books late have to play catch-up.

Be careful when you order time-sensitive materials online. It might be worth it to pay a few extra rubles to go to the store and grab it off the shelf. A book in the hand is worth two in a warehouse in East Chicago…or words to that effect.

For those faithful readers who have nothing better to do than comment when I don’t write something (see the Zune article), maybe my delay proved a point in a weird sort of way. Don’t write checks your fingertips can’t cash…or words to that effect. Uh-oh…when a phrase gets repeated within three sentences, it’s time to stop.

Thursday, September 27 (a more reasonable gap): Siriusly Considering Dumping Satellite Radio


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