Jumping Through Hoops


Why is it that some media websites make us jump through hoops to get their content?

Sometimes they want my demographic information. Other times they want me to create an account and log in everytime I visit. When I launch a player on some sites, I need a plug-in, or maybe an update. Some documents are PDF, and Acrobat Reader likes to hijack the screen if the version is older, nagging you to get the new version.

Hey, guys…guess what? We are doing you a favor by viewing your content. The more hits you get, the more money you’ll make. So make it easy for us. No more roadblocks. When we click a link, give it to us. Don’t ask for demographic information. We don’t give you accurate information, anyway. Don’t make us create yet another username and password. Imbed a player into your website so we don’t have to launch one that we might not have. Make the content compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

If you need an “Easy Button”, I know where you can buy one!

Thursday, September 6: I’ve Got a Zune, and You Don’t!


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