Roadkill on the Information Superhighway

Did you ever wonder how many inactive blogs and websites are hanging out in cyberspace? Probably not. But I thought it would be a good time to step back and review this.

Sites like WordPress make it easy for almost anyone to get connected and become a “media producer.” You sign up and create your template. The thing is, many people never go back and do anything with their sites. So you have all of these sites that haven’t been updated since 2000. Wow, that’s a fascinating take on the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal!

The big buzz about the web is that the average schmuck can be a content provider. It sounds heady and “doable”, then reality hits. At 3:00 am, you’re writing a post that nobody will read. You don’t get paid for it. You can’t think of anything to write about. You’ve got a busy week at work. The kids have a bunch of activities coming up. Before you know it, you realize that it’s not worth it, so you abandon your site/blog and it sits there like a rotting hulk.

A lot of people think, “I’d like to be a writer.” They start pounding away at the keyboard, and after a while, they realize that they can’t find a way to a logically end a post. They state their case and try to find that emphatic sentence or phrase. Stuck, they just finish with a trail of dots and publish the sucker……….

Friday, August 31: ISPN


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