The Ultimate Nerd



So, you think you’re a hardcore techie? Step aside and give props to George Hotz (pictured above) of Glen Rock, Illinois. With the help of six collaborators, Hotz managed to “hack” his iPhone so that it will work with multiple cell phone carriers, not just AT&T, who has an exclusive deal with Apple. At least they think they do! Most us can’t even figure out how to work our celly’s speaker phone!

Hotz and Company worked a total of 500 hours to get to their “Eureka” moment. That’s the equivalent of 12 weeks’ worth of work time for most folks. Or about three weeks for computer programmers. Or about a decade for media professors (just kidding!).

I’m sure that all the highly-paid technical staffs at AT&T and Apple had some ‘splaining to do to their bosses.

By the way, Hotz is off to Rochester Institute of Technology as an incoming freshman. At RIT, he’ll most assuredly be a “big man on campus” for his exploits. I also wonder if RIT’s network administrator is stocking up on aspirin. All of the other big “geek” schools like MIT, RPI, and Georgia Tech missed out on this prized recruit!

Thursday, August 30: Roadkill on the Information Superhighway


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