Imus: A Boy Named Sue


Last week, deposed “shock jock” Don Imus was awarded a multimillion dollar settlement from CBS, his former employer. The “I-Man” is now on the other end of the stick, as one of the Rutgers women’s basketball players, Kia Vaughn, filed a libel, slander, and defamation lawsuit against him.

I’m not an attorney, and I don’t condone what he said, but this might be tough for Vaughn to win. All definitions of libel, slander, and defamation specify that an individual. A lawyer friend of mine told me that you cannot slander a group. Imus did not name any of the players. I doubt that he even knew any of their names.

The key element of malice must also be proven. His comment was made in the context of a joke, albeit a tasteless, offensive one. That part could be a gray area, but unless I’m not reading the definitions correctly, the fact that Vaughn was not named by Imus should be enough to toss this out of court.

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One thought on “Imus: A Boy Named Sue

  1. I truly hope this comes to pass. She is a gold digger. And was only coaxed by some ill informed person.

    Could it be that Reverend we hear about so often? Or just a money hungry attorney.

    Reminds me of a joke. But then I don’t think it is appropriate here.

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