Headaches in the Classroom, Volume 1

The title sounds like this is going to be a complaint session, but not really. As a technology teacher, I have to deal with frequent software version upgrades and changes. Every now and then multiple changes happen at once. This is one of those times for me. And, yes, headaches in the figurative sense can occur.

My college will be upgrading software during our September break. These upgrades include Microsoft Office 2007 and Adobe Creative Suite CS3. Even when the upgrades are essentially the same, it pays to give them a once-over just so there are no surprises in class. It’s part of the price we pay for staying on the cutting edge of technology.

I am grateful that our administration supports using current versions of software. But, unfortunately, I didn’t get free pain reliever written into my contract!

Luckily, we’ll hold off on changing to Windows Vista for at least one year. YAAAY!

Thursday, August 16: Imus: A Boy Named Sue


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