Pre-Long Tail: A Post About Postman


In 1993 the late media studies guru Neil Postman wrote the book, Technopoly. A more thorough review can be seen here. In a nutshell, Postman traced how significant advances in technology changes cultures. People eventually abandon the old technology and adopt the new. Changes such as displaced employees are sure to follow. I read this book as part of my Master of Education studies at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH).

How quick we are to dump old technology, sometimes before it gets a chance to take hold. The eye-blink history of the zip drive/disk and the 486 computer come to mind. In the media world, the web and portable devices are the preferred choice of information for many people, particularly the tech-savvy types. People are becoming less dependent on traditional media for getting what they need. To survive, media companies should have a presence in these new arenas, and workers need to make sure they adapt their skills to them. Educators in technology and media studies also need to make sure that they include new media in their curriculum.

Some critics are saying that blogs are already yesterday’s news, and that social networks are a more effective way to create a buzz online.

I now have to wonder when my new camera phone will become obsolete.

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