A Radio Icon Gets Behind the Microphone Again!


Relax. This isn’t a hot scoop about Don Imus returning to the air. In fact, “Icon” is exaggerated. But, after a hiatus that started on Thanksgiving weekend 1999, I will be back on the radio, although it won’t be on traditional AM or FM radio. Today (Thursday, April 9) from 2:00-3:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time, I will be on the University Cincinnati’s student-run Internet radio station, Bearcast. I will be filling in as the faculty advisor during the autumn and winter quarters. Their regular advisor, John Owens, will take a well-deserved sabbatical. I think it’s a good idea to roll up my sleeves and give it the old college try (LOL) to get a feel for what the student staff members experience. I mean, it’s been a while!

Wait! It’s a student-run station. What’s a 52-year-old faculty member doing on it? Will he pollute the speakers with old stuff like the Monkees and A Flock of Seagulls? Well, I’ll be taking some courses this autumn, so technically I will be a student. And, I’ll steer clear of nostalgia and stick to the regular playlist. For a guy my age, I think I’ve managed to stay current with much of the rock world, but I am certainly not going to pretend that I’m as in tune as my 18-22 year old cohorts. I will be feverishly reviewing this week’s College Music Journal to see who’s topping their . Here’s a good omen: on CMJ’s main chart, I am familiar with 11 of the Top 20 artists.

This completes a career circle for me, in a sense. Thanks to being inspired by New York City DJs, particularly WNEW-FM‘s Jonathan Schwartz (now on XM‘s High Standards Channel 73 and WNYC-FM), I started my 25-year radio career at Ohio University on the student-run college station, the All-Campus Radio Network (ACRN), which still exists in cyberspace. I probably won’t do a regular show because I don’t want to take slots away from aspiring student air talent. I’ll fill in when possible.

If you listen, please let me know what you think. Click “Listen” after you get to the Bearcast home page, then pick your bandwidth. You’ll need Windows Media Player.

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