Miller Low Life Beer


Sometimes I scratch my head when I watch TV and see spots (that’s the term for ads in the broadcast biz) that contradict the product’s name and position in its category.

Miller Brewing Company is running a non-sensical campaign for its flagship brand, Miller High Life Beer. Here’s why it’s confusing. Back in the day before microbreweries, when men who were men drank nothing but American lagers and pilsners, there wasn’t much to differentiate each one from the herd. Miller positioned its beer with the brand name, “High Life”, and came up with the slogan, “The Champagne of Bottled Beers.” When cans hit the scene, it was amended to “The Champagne of Beers.” The strategy was obvious. Beer drinkers who thought of themselves as a cut above the two-fisted “shot-and-a-beer” blue collar workers saw Miller as a way to tell the world, “I got class!”.

The three spots in the campaign show Miller delivery truck drivers barging into a high-priced restaurant, grocery store and nightclub, complaining about their high prices and bellowing insults. Then they take all of the Miller High Life out of the coolers and tell the business owners that they have lost the priviledge of selling Miller High Life.

OK, so let me get this straight. You don’t want to sell your beer at places where people who live the “high life” are likely to go. Are you going to concentrate your sales in street-corner bodegas and dive bars? Places where average working (and maybe not-so-working) stiffs hang out. The low life!

(Repeat head scratch)

Who is Miller’s ad agency? And what have they been drinking?

If you want to judge for yourself, you can view all three spots here. After you enter your birthdate, click ‘Videos”, then click each player icon separately to see the appropriate video.

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2 thoughts on “Miller Low Life Beer

  1. living the high life is about enjoying a quality beer at a fair price. For what high life is worth, its all about anybody enjoying a good value, which transcends social and economic barriers

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