A Fresh New Genre of TV


I’m not really a “TV Guy”, having been infatuated with radio since I was in grade school. I somehow managed to miss some blockbuster TV events, most notably the miniseries Roots in 1977. Almost half the country and 2/3 of TV viewers watched it, but I was busy listening to “Fly Like an Eagle” and “Rumours“.

Every now and then a show catches my eye and I stick with it. The Shield on FX is my current favorite, but it’s between seasons. USA Network has three shows that I check out on a regular basis. In order of preference, they are Burn Notice, Psych, and Monk. Each one presents a different angle on the same plot line: Unconventional good guys fight bad guys by outwitting them amidst a zillion plot twists. There’s a minimum of violence and a maximum of subtle humor and wisecracks. They’re hard to classify, but I suggest investing the time to watch them.

Monday, August 6: Rebooting a Blog


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