Birth of a Blog…7/18/2007

I wanted to have a big buildup for launching this blog, but never quite got around to setting it up. I almost launched it on the heels of the Virginia Tech tragedy because that was a watershed event for the covergence of media, which is the focal point of this blog. My media experience during the first two days of the VT event was a chronicle of this new age. I found out about it when I logged on to my home PC and saw the tragic headline on my Dell portal homepage. I immediately ran down to the TV room and turned on MSNBC and CNN for a few minutes. I had to go to work so I got updates in the car from WLW-AM. When I got to the office I found some real-time blogs by VT students. One of them mentioned a VT support group on, so I logged on to my facebook account and joined the group. The next morning I read a multiple-page summary in the print version of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

That probably would have been an appropriate time to start this, but I kept putting it off. Then yesterday, two unrelated but significant Cincinnati media announcements were made that finally compelled me to “jump into the fray”.

Announcement #1: The Cincinnati Post will cease publication on Dec. 31, 2007.

Announcement #2: WVXU-FM will begin airing the programming of Internet radio station on its HD-2 channel in August.

Another newspaper bites the dust, and another high definition (HD) radio station emerges. Signs of the times.

I will blog in greater detail on each of these events in the next couple of days. I will be backtracking and “catching up” on some recent developments that I would have blogged about if this puppy was up and running. I’ll also keep track of new developments in radio, TV, print, web, computer applications, and social media. It won’t be a comprehensive site, but it will add to the mosaic of new media (aka Media 2.0) analysis. I believe it will have some credibility. You can check the “About” link to see who I am. It will be a serious blog, interspersed with appropriate moments of levity and sarcasm.

There will be an accompanying podcast that you can link to from here. This podcast will be an audio instruction manual of blogging tips, based on my experience in this little corner of cyberspace. I hope to do this on a regular basis. My long-time colleague, William E. Sledzik, writes a nifty blog about public relations. It’s called Tough Sledding, and it’s in my Blogroll. He does an admirable job of updating his blog regularly, but he occasionally reminds me that, “Bloggers don’t get paid.” So I might fall off the map every now and then. I think I have a strategy to stay on the blogosphere’s radar. I’ll let you know if it works. in the meantime, I hope you enjoy it. And please comment! I can take it!

Thursday, July 19: Lamenting the Demise of the Newspaper


3 thoughts on “Birth of a Blog…7/18/2007

  1. I appreciate the hit. Once I figure out the concepts of search engine optimization, tagging, pinging, tracking back, etc., I’ll be OK. I’m not worried about the content. I wonder how many posts I’ll do before I build up some sort of audience. And thanks for your enouragement.

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